4F Γυναικεία Aμάνικη Mπλούζα
4F Γυναικεία Aμάνικη Mπλούζα

4F Γυναικεία Aμάνικη Mπλούζα

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SKU : H4L21-TSDF018-30S
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Women's training sleeveless shirt made of elastic, moisture-wicking 4FDry technology will ensure comfort during each training session. ADVANTAGES: cut: slim, quick-drying 4FDry technology improves moisture management, technical, elastic fabric guarantees long-lasting comfort and fit, an additional, inner layer of knitted fabric with an elastic band provides additional coverage and fit under the bust, flat seams with elastic threads minimize the risk of abrasions, elastic, wide straps and a deep cut on the back guarantee unlimited freedom of movement.

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